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It's 2060.

The world dominated by nation-states is gone. One organization sought to rule over all of Earth, and succeeded. For twenty years, they ruled without trouble. One day, however, everything fell apart. Nobody quite knows well what exactly happened, and those who knew, are now gone, off to tell the story, somewhere else. Mankind had no ruler in the first time in centuries, but that quickly changed. Alongside the eastern coast of what was once the United States, two communities formed. And they started to fight with the tools provided by this fresh corpse, over the remains of an old, tampered world that was tired of them.

Capable men and women carried whatever they could to the field, any weapon, any equipment that they could buy through the traders and dealers that hobbled up all of the useful machinery that this organization left behind before anyone else could acquire it. What were they fighting for? Lands, resources, peace? Each individual had their opinion, but nobody was absolutely sure. This game tells their story.

What is this?

It's a cyberpunk-inspired realistic multiplayer FPS, early in development. This is my response to the drop in quality of this genre in the past few years. I became fed up with games that offered watered down gameplay. While there are tactical, arcade or just so many arena games out there, I wanted to combine the freedom of wearing and shooting with anything you'd damn well please, a considerable level of realism, some almost-never seen gamemodes and a half competent setting.


Freedom to bear

There is a wide variety of weapons and ammo that can be equipped freely, with no "primary and secondary slot" limitation, the only limitation is the weight of the weaponry and ammo itself (which will slow you down) and the fact that you have a backpack or not. Do you want to carry 3 assault rifles and 2 shotguns? No problem. Just make sure you have something to hold them to your body; when you go naked, obviously, you won't be able to carry much.

Freedom to act

Do you want to go head-on with the enemy backed up by your teammates, or maybe you want some stealth action? Items and level design will allow for choices when tackling the objective.

Advanced technology available

Electrolasers, effective non-lethal ammo, prosthetics, and more exotic weapons unseen until now.

Skill system

There are three: Strength, Dexterity and Resistance. Strength determines how much recoil the player character can reel in, and how fast it can run, Dexterity controls reloading and item selection time, and Resistance determines for how long players can not only run, but also change stance, et cetera.


There are 0 elements on your screen while playing (except the pause menu, of course), no objective/kill indicators, the needed information will only be relayed through an announcer. There's also 3D voice chat, depending on distance. Just like talking. And yes, you will be able to see your character's feet, legs and body. As well as having no viewmodels whatsoever. You see what others can see.

Original gamemodes

From battling enemies clad in up-armored suits to punching a crate until it explodes, there are five original gamemodes, each with at least one map that has been designed specifically for it.

What do I need to run this?

Software-wise, you only need Steam installed and running in your computer to create, find and join servers, given that I am using the least resource consuming solution to provide a server browser.

Hardware-wise, the minimum specs for the game would be about the same as the Unreal Engine 4 editor. I test and play this game in 1280x720, with every setting turned down to Low, and I get anywhere from 60 to 35 FPS, depending on the scene complexity. Here are my specs:

Intel i5 3570k @ 3.4 GHz

8 GBs of DDR3 RAM

AMD Radeon HD 6670

So, you should be able to run this game just fine with a better graphics card than mine.


Built with Unreal Engine 4. All respective rights go to Epic Games.

Team members

  • Shiny Rice – Designer, modeler, programmer

Former team members

  • robdev - Initial design and development of Retained Nature


  • Sneak - Mosin-Nagant model
  • Anon - SCAD knife maps
  • Matt McFarland – Main menu music
  • /agdg/, /cyber/, /k/ - Conceptual aid

I can be contacted through my Tumblr blog, where I also post progress and recieve feedback, https://shlnyrlce.tumblr.com/

0.22 is out, last build for quite some time, it includes important bugfixes.

RIP Vince


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